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Best Fantasy Books of All Time
You might find yourself reading one of these otherworldly gems.     The beauty of fantasy books lies in their capability to make readers believe in the impossible. The genre enables them to escape from reality and enter into a completely new world. It’s pretty enticing to follow an epic journey read more... continue reading
The Golden Age of Children’s Literature
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One of the most important forms of writing we have are the children’s books, however, they are oftentimes overlooked. Percy Bysshe Shelley refers to poets as the unacknowledged legislators of the world—authors of children’s books also fall on this category.

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Modern-day Adaptations of Famous Children’s Books

Four of the most famous children’s books and their movie adaptations.

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Shakespeare for Kids: What Shakespeare Stories are Appropriate for the Young Minds?

We all love Shakespeare for his themes of conflict, love, and tragedy. With his exceptional control over Old English, it is only necessary to teach his works at school.

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