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Book Marketing Tools that Solve Authors’ Dilemma on How to Market a Book

Becoming a best-selling author is long and arduous only if you don’t have a strategy. For the past few decades, traditional publishing has always held the key for the public to learn about best-selling novels.

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Writing Style Key Elements to Produce Good Results
Use this Checklist to Help You Analyze your Own Style of Writing Different authors have different writing styles—and we’ve all developed methods which are distinctive of how we come up with our works. Writing styles define many authors and without such disparity among writers, we wouldn’t be able to pick which read more... continue reading
Amazing Anthologies: How Fiction Anthologies Rescue the Reader
fiction anthologies

To the unseasoned and unsalted reader, a book of anthologies looks daunting. A stroll through a bookstore and a glance at that incredibly thick book with an ominous Volume 1 underneath the title that promises several more volumes to come is enough to send any casual reader out the door. But worry not! We’ll break down what a fiction anthology is here.

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Compel Your Readers to Pick up Your Book with these Book Title Ideas

Good book titles, no, great titles, could be the make or break of a book purchase. Believe it or not, not everyone takes as much time reading the short synopsis as a bookworm does. Sometimes, all it takes is an imaginative title. Here are a few elements to keep to mind in drawing in prospective readers.

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